Mentoring Girls for Empowerment


We have teamed with Moanoghar to mentor girls in Rangamati Hill Tracts, Chittagong, Bangladesh to empower them and provide career opportunities for the future. 

Community Development Peer Program


The Peer Program has been designed to develop rural communities specifically in developing countries to build infrastructure and network by developing a grassroots level circle of peers where members provide assistance to each other to overcome crisis. 



Each year we aim to provide scholarship to girl who is a high achiever in academics or extra-curricular activities. 

Campaign for Gender Equality


We campaign for gender equality and for property/inheritance rights of minority women in Bangladesh. We also campaign for mandatory registration of marriages of Hindu women in Bangladesh. We also extensively campaign for gender equality as part of UN's SDGs. 

Poverty Reduction


We aim to work towards poverty reduction by creating sustainable skills and employment opportunities in rural communities. 

Access to Health Services


We provide temporary and mobile health clinics, workshops, information sessions and health services to the underprivileged. 

Africa: Agenda 2030


Africa: Agenda 2030 is a program lead by Kiiza Saddam Hussein as the Africa Lead. It pans all over Africa.   


Born from Uganda, Kiiza Saddam Hussein, a practicing lawyer and Global Goodwill Ambassador advocates for justice and sustainable development goals, Kiiza established a career in legal practice, human rights defence and Climate change activism. He believes in the values of democracy, justice and gender equity and equality. Kiiza is the Founder of Young Entrepreneurs and Leadership initiative that empowers young people with leadership and entrepreneurships skills in Africa, Kiiza serves as the Africa lead at our cause Organization. Through his life he has advocated for child rights, youth rights and Woman’s rights. He also leads a project called “Young African Leaders Talk and Action on climate change” that seeks to address climatic change negative impact in East Africa and beyond. 

In addition to LLB, Kiiza has post graduate qualification in Legal practice and development, and also pursued post graduate studies in leading change and globalization course at University of Cambridge. 

Kiiza has a strong passion of working on Sustainable development goals 3, 4, 5, 7,13, 16 and 17 that he believes are critical in global development. 

With a successful professional and leadership traits, Kiiza aspires to make a positive difference in the world by empowering young people with transferable skills and knowledge gained both as Queen’s Young Leader and a youth activists in a lead to achieve the Global Agenda.

Indigenous Awareness


We work to promote indigenous rights globally with a specific focus in Bangladesh. Our aim is to influence policy and reform law. 

LGBT Rights


We work to promote LGBT rights globally with a specific focus in Bangladesh. Our aim is to influence policy and reform law.